Change Implementation Program

Welcome agents. Your interest in improving your agency's productivity and growing its market value has brought you to the unique solutions that Powerhouse Learning offers to independent insurance agencies that are serious about making lasting changes.

The PHL Change Implementation Program is designed to develop immediate improvements in sales productivity, client service and business acumen for management. It is also aimed at preparing agencies for succession by lasting improvements in market value and agency culture.

The conventional approach used in sales training, CE workshops, and consulting can provide good information. However, it clearly does not leave participants or management with the skills or commitment needed to implement adequate change.

Clients tell us the most important benefit from our program is accountability. It's our personal performance coaching that drives implementation and agency-wide goal achievement.

Employees are learning, growing, and becoming more effective each month.

I just want to let you know what a pleasure it is working with you. Since we started our relationship, I have really seen a change in the agency. We have invested in numerous programs in the past and the other consultants expected me to do all the work without helping with our progress. Your program makes each of our employees accountable and they are learning, growing, and becoming more effective each month with the learning material.

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