Change Implementation Program

Welcome Business Owners If your business needs a boost in any of the areas listed below, please give us a call. By reading this page, you are clearly looking for something different. You are likely consumed with difficult questions that plague business owners today. We have the answers. Based on 14 years of experience, 300 entities served, and the hero stories to show for it, we have the wisdom you need to push forward and begin to grow.

Our coaches can help you:

  • Enhance your productivity
  • Maximize your cross-selling, account rounding, and up-selling efforts
  • Nurture your internal and external business relationships
  • Build lasting referral partnerships
  • Enact consistent procedures across your organization
  • Fix that “Communication” problem that has been plaguing you
  • Teach you how to solidify concrete commitments from prospects, coworkers, and spouses
  • Learn to become accountable

Powerhouse Learning is not like all the other programs. We focus on the hard work. Our job is to move you from talking about the problems that have existed in your company and culture and move people into taking action to change. We don’t believe that a one-time seminar with CE credits leads people to actionable motivation.

We believe that change takes follow-up and accountability. We’re here to provide the proper motivation to get you through the tough times and all of the resistance that has kept you stuck – right where you are for so long.

I just want to let you know what a pleasure it is working with you. Since we started our relationship, I have really seen a change in the agency. We have invested in numerous programs in the past and the other consultants expected me to do all the work without helping with our progress. Your program makes each of our employees accountable and they are learning, growing, and becoming more effective each month with the learning material.

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