Welcome to DIY

  • Powerhouse Learning DIY is a self-paced training program bundled in 6 modules.

  • Each module has specific training videos for Leadership, Sales, and Service staff.

  • In addition to the video instruction, each module has downloadable resources.

  • Begin changing your agency immediately with no downtime, for less than the price of a plane ticket!

Carrier Relations

  • Move your submissions to the top of the stack.
  • Increase your revenue and bonuses.
  • Maximize your current markets overnight!
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Human Resources

  • Employee Handbook and Interview Templates.
  • Make onboarding a breeze.
  • All the basics, done for you.
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  • Form a strategic marketing plan.
  • Custom Marketing Instructions.
  • Stop wasting money on leads that go nowhere!
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  • Overnight results from your Cross Sell efforts.
  • Examples from other agencies nationwide.
  • Upsell your way to 30% more time and revenue!
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  • Get staff valuable negotiation skills.
  • Build partnerships and qualify prospects.
  • Expand your current business relationships!
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  • Build Referrals and double your book.
  • Generate New Business Leads fast.
  • Custom Client surveys retain Existing Clients!
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