Our Team

Brandie Hinen

Founder and CEO

Brandie is the dynamic transformation coach and founder of Powerhouse Learning. Those who work with Brandie experience a sense of motivation to try new things, authenticity in their resolve, and the victory of achieving their goals and vision as she brings real world ideas and processes that helps transform the lives of those she works with. Brandie is an accomplished instructor, trainer and expert on how to move Campers to Climbers and Dreamers to Doers. If you are interested in authentic speak and practical how tos, Brandie is someone you will want to get to know!


Brandie is committed to:

  • your vision becoming a reality
  • breaking through barriers that stop you from getting what you want
  • you having great abundance in your life and business

Justin Fowler

Executive Coach & Trainer

Justin Fowler began his insurance career in 1995, working for a direct writer of personal lines.  He progressed through service, sales, and eventually worked as a business analyst supporting 100 retail locations and about 400 sales and service personnel.  After completing his Master’s Degree in Business Administration & Finance, and a brief stint in banking, he left the safety and security of the large organization to start his own retail insurance agency – from scratch.   In 2017, he merged his solo practice with Golden State Insurance Solutions to leverage their existing infrastructure and expand several projects at once.  Today, he serves as an outside sales and agency consultant for Powerhouse Learning, as well as the founder of Ninja Rater.  Ninja Rater is a workers comp comparative rater who’s ambitious goal is to make sales people 10x faster in the field, so that they can focus on the parts that matter to the client.

Bill Wood

Executive Coach & Learning Facilitator

Bill is a results-oriented multidimensional sales, marketing, and business executive consultant whose leadership has consistently yielded outstanding profits and revenue growth. He marries the experience and knowledge gained from managing successful business units, worldwide marketing organizations, and worldwide sales organizations to develop and execute the best strategic and tactical direction for any given situation. He is often recognized as “the voice of reason,” by his peers, clients, and managers. Bill’s resume includes such industry leaders as Oracle, IBM, Xerox, GTE, and Bull Information Systems as well as start ups and everything in between. The common thread has been a commitment to excellence and over-achievement of defined objectives.

For example...

  • As Sr. Vice President & General Manager, he led a business unit from inception to $15,000,000 in four years.
  • As Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, his CEO attributed his “marketing and strategic planning brilliance” to be key factors in growing the company ten-fold and selling the business for over $350,000,000.
  • As VP of Worldwide Sales, he tripled the sales productivity of multiple sales organizations.
  • As an Independent Consultant, his contributions repeatedly resulted in several different clients inviting him to join their business in a significant executive leadership position.

Bill is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering.