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We made something for SMALL companies that don’t have a HUGE budget for consulting programs.

Powerhouse Learning DIY is a self-paced training program bundled in 6 modules. Each Module has specific training videos for Management, Sales, and Service staff. In addition to the video instruction, each module has downloadable resources.

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"I have been dealing with their program for the past few years professionally and personally. They are extremely knowledgeable in their field and always offer suggestions on how to handle difficult situations along with great professional advice and techniques on sales and dealing with people. I have never met a team so dedicated, honest and sincere with so much energy! I highly recommend their program to all businesses."

~ R. Halagan, Senior Sales Representative, FL

"I just want you to know how much I and everyone here have appreciated you coming and helping us through things. Just in the meeting this morning every single person in the room expressed how much they had personally learned and changed their ways of doing things because of you. We all appreciated you not only in a business/work sense but also in a personal way."

~ C. Rice, Operations, UT

You were not like the consultants before that spent 1 week and made recommendations that were unrealistic and could never be followed, then rode off into the sunset.

You saw right through the major issues, took time for each of us. You also caused many positive things to happen both with management and staff. It is a much better place to work than the day you first came to work with us.

~ A. Harris, Account Manager, ID

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