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Powerhouse Learning is nationwide, delivering C level leadership development, succession planning, productivity enhancements and new business development training. As consultants, professional educators and mentors, we engage as trusted advisers working together to provide ways to solve the toughest problems and insuring your leadership team owns your success. Powerhouse Learning's executives bring real world experience, with a history of success that delivers the credibility needed to gain the support of our clients and their teams.

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Why work with us vs. another firm?

Change is a tricky thing. You can demand change, expect change or avoid change. Demanding change never lasts. Expecting change without the right process only leads to disappointment. Avoiding change gets you nowhere but lagging behind.

We believe there is a Powerhouse of strength that lies in all of us. And we know how to dig deep to find out why you and your team are not moving in the direction they should for the goals and objectives you have set. Most other firms would rather abandon a project than get in the middle of the personalities, the in-fighting, the lack of productive dialog and the discouragement of what your group may be facing. Us? That is where we work best.

We get to the bottom of core issues, get everyone moving from Discussion into Action, and get some of the tangible results you seek within 30 days.

This is how the process works with us:

We start with an honest conversation about what brought you to us in the first place. We have a talk about:

  1. why you feel stuck and in what areas
  2. what your expectation is for yourself in growing beyond what you already know
  3. whether you are open to the feedback that comes from this process and are willing to make changes
  4. how long we will stay with you
  5. what program we will be working on
  6. what makes it all worthwhile (or bring value) for both parties
If we come to an agreement on these items, we will then conduct a SURVEY with your leadership team, then with other departments in the organization. We will debrief on the survey and make sure we address these items on our very first visit on site.

**NOTE: if there is no on-site visit, we will coach you on how to address your staff’s feedback.

Some of our survey questions are:

  • what is PRESENT
  • what is MISSING
  • how do you CONTRIBUTE to what is MISSING
  • what are the POSSIBILITIES

** Our survey really gets to the heart of the matter and we always get honest feedback. We’ve done this over ten years and with hundreds of individuals!

We set a time to come out on-site and we customize our approach based on our conversation with you and your survey results.
We determine where the follow up is – whether it’s in our monthly program or a couple of quarterly phone calls.
We ask for a testimonial for our website based on you and your team’s experience.

Follow up with a member
of the PHL team.

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Brandie has helped coach First Bank’s senior management and executive team and our company officers. Their coaching has helped us work together better as a team; build trust within our various groups, and opened the doors to holding each other accountable for our promises yet maintaining a strong team atmosphere. Ultimately their coaching has improved our relationships with each other and to our outside clients and vendors.

J. Latta, (former) Bank C.E.O., ID & MT