Speaking Engagements


Change is inevitable, and it takes a skilled leader to make the most of each transition. In a mix of presentation and group work, leadership coach Brandie Hinen will teach tested techniques and guide attendees through a variety of mock scenarios and interactive conversation.

Use 'real world' examples that we could understand

"Your organization was chosen from a large field of professionals to speak at our conference. We chose you because of your willingness to mold the presentation around our specific needs and overall enthusiasm for our ideas. Your organization exceeded my expectations by providing sales tools that I could take back to my organization, and implement immediately. Their experience in the industry allowed us to use 'real world' examples that I could understand. I have been a producer in this industry for 5 years, and have been through many sales classes along the way. Your presentation is one of the BEST I have ever attended."

~ J. Byers, State Project Chair, LA

Straight forward, honest, solution-based approach

"Wow! Talk about great 'take-aways' to improve your professional sales skills as well as life experiences and moments. Brandie spoke to over 100 at our annual North Carolina Conference in June and was the talk of the speaker portion of our conference. Her straight forward, honest, solution-based approach with an "I CAN" attitude was exactly what we were looking for.

She left everyone inspired, motivated and rejuvenated to go back with basic principles, techniques and ideas that we could use in practical application at work, and just every day in our lives. Her use of "real world" examples and more importantly solutions, made this seminar personal for everyone involved. This is a must have to help a team of professionals grow both professionally and personally. If you are given the chance, this is a life changing experience that you do not want to miss!!"

~ R. Tedder, NC

Asking the 'proper' questions to get the answers

"First of all I want to thank you so much for spending the day with us in Kentucky. I have not enjoyed listening to anyone more in a VERY long time. I loved the way you involved us from the very beginning. You have also taught me how to ask the 'proper' questions to get the answers that I am looking for. Beginning a new partner in my organization, you brought to my attention that accountability is very important for me and my team. You also gave me examples of how to expect accountability and to measure it. Not only did I take from you lecture ways to run my organization and be a better professional, I also have incorporated you philosophy in my personal life."

~ C. Bohannon, Owner, KY

Passionate about her information

"Brandie is a great speaker that is passionate about the information she presents. I learned several pieces of information that will successfully help me with not only my career, but my life. The team's first-hand experiences are a great asset to their presentations."

~ S. Fry, Marketing, NJ

Excellent at getting interaction among attendees

"Your Organization successfully guided us through one on one sessions developing conversations that get to the root of the problem while keeping a working relationship in place with the other person. They gave us courage to go back to the work place and try it. I am really impressed that she has continued communication with those of us in her classes even after the event has ended, tracking our progress. I would recommend the organization in a group setting because they are excellent at getting interaction among attendees and also for one on one meetings..."

~ F. Hickman, Executive VP, ID

Solid presentation skills

"The Utica E&O program had the pleasure of working with your organization in our effort to improve our sales results. Brandie’s keen insight into this subject and her solid presentation skills made her an instant hit with everyone that attended. There is no doubt that our sales results will improve as we implement the various strategies that she addressed. She is a true asset to the industry."

~ C. Pearsall, (former) VP Utica National, NY

Completely at home in front of an audience

"We used Brandie's organization for our state convention CE (a workshop touching on sales, management, communication, customer service) and she did a great job. She is completely at home in front of an audience of any size; her presentation is knowledgeable and professional. Brandie has a smooth, easy-going way... yet ads vigor and spark when appropriate. She is quick on her feet — and even in front of our 'old guard' did not get caught off guard.'

~ State Association chair, ID

Never too late to learn

"I have been in the business for 25 years and it still never ceases to amaze me how much I do not know. You have been very inspirational this weekend; thank you so much for reminding me that it is never too late to learn and change."

~ J. Whelton, President, Financial Services, MS

Questioning, Listening, Negotiating and Gaining

"Your techniques of assessing a given situation; questioning, listening, negotiating and gaining agreement will be invaluable to my future efforts..."

~ B. Callen, Marketing Department, GA

The real approach to getting what I want

"Thank you so much for a great session. I really appreciate the real approach to getting what I want and deserve in business and in life. I have been able sprinkle in some of the tips I have learned in my recent meetings with our clients. It is much easier to ask them to do something I need them to do when taking the right approach. My only wish would be that more people would get the opportunity take your course. It really brought home to me the need to make and keep promises, get an agreement and maintain accountability."

~ A. Douda, Company marketing executive, SC

How you approach your workday activities

"Brandie Hinen has a world of experience and it shows in her presentation. Her unique style kept all of us engaged, including our company representatives. She will make you think about how you approach your workday activities and motivate you to act so that you can better your sales results. I would recommend her organization to any insurance group needing a dynamic speaker that will usher you to see things a different way."

~ D. Clarke, Vice Chair, IA

Making change with a positive attitude

"I am always searching for ways to improve the way we do business with in our agency and with our Client and Vendor relations. Your organization was the answer to all of my questions and concerns. Your ability to relate to all of the functions of an organization was very reassuring and inspiring. They were successful in opening the 'eyes' of many to change, with a positive attitude. I was most impressed with the way she could analyze the personalities and make suggestions for improvement to benefit everyone. This was the missing piece to my puzzle. I encourage business leaders to take a look at what they have to offer, it’s truly a 'win win' situation."

~ A. Der Manouel, Vice President, CA